archer class hypixel. Berserk Class +30 Strength: Berseker's ghost ability (Buff Potion) allows the player to throw a potion which temporarily gives all teammates in a 10 block radius +30 Strength. a Terminator to join if the person trying to join is playing Archer class. Let us know if you want any other classes th. The archer should also be the one to enter the boss room via the portal once the S requirement (270) is reached. Hypixel Skyblock Updates • Community Progress • Ran by @ZachPlaysAN • Not affiliated with @HypixelNetwork. ️ 3916 🛡️ 1121 💪 496 🌀 147% ☠️ 352% 🧚 220/228 Fairy Souls 🗡️ Withered Livid Dagger 🔮 Enchanting 37 🐋 Legendary Blue Whale (Lvl 91) 🤺 Slayer: 🧟 7 🕸️ 5 🐺 6 🔮 5 📚 Avg Skill Level: 23 💪 Senither Weight: 781 💪 Lily Weight: 584 💰 Purse: 104K. A modifier, also known as a prefix (although in some languages it becomes a suffix), applies permanent changes to an item's statistics. Berserk: +20 Strength Healer: HP regeneration and +40 Health Mage: +50 Intelligence Tank: +30 Defense and reduces damage taken by 5% for each piece you have equipped if you are hit by the same monster within 10 seconds. SkyCrypt is a free open-source stats viewer for Hypixel SkyBlock. It is regarded as the most powerful ranged weapon for the Archer class and, as far as other bows go, it doesn't have real competition. July 15th, 2020 Minor Patch: Aiming 1 added to Archer Ultimate (?). 42 Karma: 65,153,770 Achievement Points: 5,600 Quests Completed: 7,459 First login: 2017-11-27 16:54 EST Friends: 243 SkyBlock Stats. ️ 2623 🛡️ 714 💪 451 🌀 61% ☠️ 172% 🧚 228/238 Fairy Souls 🗡️ Heroic Hyperion ⍟⍟⍟⍟ ⛏️ Mining 60 🐏 Legendary Sheep (Lvl 100) 🤺 Slayer: 🧟 9 🕸️ 9 🐺 9 🔮 7 🔥 3 📚 Avg Skill Level: 54. The classes are the most effective if only one of each are present per dungeon, but players can choose the same class as another player if they wish, but their effects will be nerfed. The Archer class has lots of movement and dexterity, allowing you to kite your target and deal damage at long range distances. Adaptive blade is great for archers since It can use Archer. ARCHER CLASS IS GOOD!? |HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK - YOUTUBE. Archer Class +50 Strength: Archer's ghost ability (Healing Bow) allows the player to shoot a teammate to heal them for 20% of their max HP and grant them +50 Strength for. Mage: I use this class, it has insanely high DPS just like the other DPS classes, which is Archer and Berserk. If you want to use it, you have to complete Catacombs Floor 4 first; Crafting it requires 15 Enchanted Strings, 10 Enchanted Bone Blocks, and 5 Spirit Bones. The base chance for a caught Sea Creature to be a Sea Creature is 11. Crowd-control is a must-have in PvP and this helps greatly both when you want to increase the distance or chase down your target. The Catacombs Master Mode offers a lot more Catacombs xp per run. The armor they wear is enchanted and dyed Leather Armor. Passive: Slow Poison - slows down your target with every hit. Warning: the script to this video is . Maxor's Armor - For extra Speed, one may swap out one piece of Necron. (Alias is /st) /skytils config - Opens the GUI to edit the config. What Is The Best Class In Skyblock. com This Guide is currently being reworked, Reworked version coming out soon. ️ 2201 🛡️ 843 💪 510 🌀 61% ☠️ 222% 🧚 226/238 Fairy Souls 🛡️ Jaded Armor Of Divan 🗡️ Fabled Valkyrie ⍟⍟⍟⍟ 🌾 Farming 60 🌋 Legendary Magma Cube (Lvl 100) 🤺 Slayer: 🧟 9 🕸️ 9 🐺 9 🔮 9 🔥 7 📚 Avg Skill Level: 55 💪 Senither Weight: 35,703 💪 Lily Weight: 21,983 🏦 Bank: 5. They are a normal Skeleton with armor and a bow. It's just dumb/ Instead maybe u could give archers an ability archer-related like maybe u could make it like the juju short bow for 5. Arrows bypass invulnerability frames. You can report bugs, Dungeon class: Archer Elapsed time: 4:21. The Archer class primary focus is to use archer weapons such as bows. Mage, Healer, and Tank should be fine. This Archer Class Tip is now OVERPOWERED! Hypixel Skyblock!--ign - ddp2206--skyblock d'hypixel,hypixel skyblock enderman slayer,hypixel skyblock early game m. Classes Classes Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki Fandom. If there is only one person who chose a role (for example T, B, M, H, A as layout), those people get doubled strength of their class's abilities. It is a forge mod running on Minecraft version 1. People Classes are roles a player can have in dungeons, each with their own effects and bonuses. Archer: +5 Crit Chance + +15 Crit Damage. Classes are roles a player can have in dungeons, each with their own effects and bonuses. Class milestones are milestones that mark the total damage dealt for Berserk, total damage dealt for Mage, ranged damage dealt for Archer, damage tanked and dealt for Tank, or health healed for Healer. Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. You also want an ornate/florid(if rich) zombie sword preferably an ice spray but thats really expensive, . What would be a cheap but good setup for archer and what would be the absolute best setup?. Buy Hypixel coins today and elevate your Hypixel Skyblock experience to the next level where your entertainment to the game will rise tremendously. Mage Class Guide Skyblock Getallcourses. Flaws with archer : 1) Rapid fire sucks hypixel. hypixel skyblock best armor reforge for crit chance. However, it is extremely expensive, costing many millions for a maxed set. Weapon Damage is simply the stat called "Damage" on your weapon. skyblock guide hypixel 2021 skyblock guide hypixel 2021. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. Dungeon class and level bug : r/HypixelSkyblock. For example, if all other teammates died, the Healer will have to survive, which is more difficult without damage. Tank Class Hypixel Skyblock. By default, this value is 0 and players can't use Autopet, but this value can be increased by using. This guide will focus mostly on the playstyle within Dungeons, though many tips are valid outside dungeons. AOTE (Ult wise 5) Price: (With Armor 1) With Spirit Sceptre: $55 With Yeti sword: $65 With Midas Staff : $140. Autopet is a system that allows players to automatically enable Pets when certain events take place. Really good for clearing, however I feel like the DPS classes has major EHP issues ( well at least I have) Mages are destined for death if they run out of mana in combat. Completing M1 grants the same xp as a normal F7, which takes about 2-3x as long. skyblock guide hypixel 2021pandas str replace multiple values دنيا المغتربين اليمنيين الجاليات اليمنية، المغتربين اليمنيين ،شبكة المدار الثلاثي للاعلام ، دنيا المغتربين ، أخبار الجاليات ، سياحة يمنية ، تراث يمني ، قنواتنا ، مواهب ومبدعون ، حول. 10% OFF BADLION CLOAK LINK: https://store. Contents 1 Archer Abilities 2 Leveling Rewards 3 Milestones 4 History Archer Abilities Leveling Rewards At the maximum level 50, this totals to: +51% Extra Arrow Chance +40% Arrow Damage +5 Rapid Fire Duration -20 Explosive Shot Cooldown +100 Bouncy Arrow Chance Milestones. A complete list of all eighty-three (83) modifiers can be found. Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server . Each class has its own class passives, dungeon orb abilities, and ghost abilities. DungeonsGuide is a mod that helps you through Hypixel Skyblock Dungeon run. that was fun for clearing but I died a lot because I was use to tank 3/4 goldor and a for. Berserk: +35 Strength and +5 Speed Healer: +20% Health regen & + 5 HP/s Aura Mage: +200 Intelligence Tank: +100 Defense and +5 True Defense Archer: +100 Crit Damage. Kill players using a weapon or knock them off. Archer (アーチャー, Āchā?), Knight of the Bow and Heroic Spirit of the Bow (弓兵の英霊?), is one of the Three Knight Classes among the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War. For tutorials, please go to Tutorials/Archer Guide. In today's Hypixel Skyblock dungeons video, we are going to do a full updated in-depth guide on the Archer class inside dungeons. The Berserk class primary focus is to deal a great amount of damage against enemies using primarily melee weapons. The end game bow is something elseJoin My Discord https://discord. I hate it when people just cheese mid. Archer hypixel skyblock wiki fandom sea discuss everything about mobile legends converted to page 2 minecraft server and maps. Welcome to the Archer Guide based on price and req. Yes, it’s not as much as a Necron. There are a lot of new sets out there and I think I don't know half of them. This class relies heavily on Crit Damage and Strength, like the Berserk class. don't rely on archer until they fix their classes. The Adaptive Blade has a special property that allows it to adapt to any dungeon class. Miner Armor + 20 Defense (+255 in mines) Each piece of this armor dramatically increases your Defense bonus when inside of a mine. " Hyper cleaver " or " Adaptive blade " can be a good choice. This is the best archer class setup from what im aware of :3I stream daily_____Twitch -. This Guide is currently being reworked, Reworked version coming out soon. The end game bow is something else. People People Hypixel -skyblock. Ok, So archer's keystone ability is just dumb. This is a Hypixel Skyblock Tutorial, or a Hypixel Skyblock Dungeons Guide. In the most basic terms, it is an MMORPG created in Minecraft. Join my Discord server here:https://discord. [HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK] - TANK CLASS GUIDE - TIPS, GEAR AND OTHER HELPFUL INFO. Buying Hypixel Skyblock coins will help you buy or craft new items or upgrade various parts of your class, it can also unlock new classes and specializations to improve your gameplay. com/channel/UC_ltYpNhFVAbwHdepP-fNwQ/join Let's go for. Necron's Armor - This armor is the best armor for archers, boasting 10 more strength and critical damage per piece than Shadow Assassin, as well as a bonus ability. As a berserker, your damage is about 2-3x lower than the archer, meaning minibosses are harder to kill. Get Free Best Reforges For Archer Hypixel Skyblock now and use Best Reforges For Archer Hypixel Skyblock immediately to get % off or $ off or free shipping. that is what is happening right now with juju archers. Obtain Skywars Loot Chests to earn game cosmetics and. I thought archer was only good with bonemerangs i was wrongBadlion: https://www. ️ 1355 🛡️ 352 💪 142 🌀 61% ☠️ 67% 🧚 237/238 Fairy Souls 🌾 Farming 60 ⛏️ Mining 60 🤺 Slayer: 🧟 9 🕸️ 9 🐺 9 🔮 7 🔥 0 📚 Avg Skill Level: 55 💪 Senither Weight: 14,171 💪 Lily Weight: 10,988 🏦 Bank: 148. This is exactly what makes Warbow an exceptional weapon for this build. The Hypixel server is in no way affiliated with Mojang, AB. I get why strength is the stat for berserks, and why it Intel for mages, and defense/health for tanks. com/c/swavyclipsI STREAM ON TWITCH AND YOUTUBE: https://. r/HypixelSkyblock - Yes, Hypixel. I really enjoy floor 6 but I have come across a dilemma, I don't know what class to play and the catch is I have a budget. Master Mode also introduces new items (Master Stars and Master Skulls) you can get from the chests at the end of the dungeon, which are currently a lot of profit. This value is increased by hot potato books and pets, so make sure you use the correct value. For the features of the mod, please check out the features page. These are the best archer setups for every Catacombs level. It is included in the damage formula and will change the ideal talisman reforges, unlike enchantment damage and combat level. If you plan on spending some time inside of the Catacombs, investing in the Catacombs Expert Ring. Today we will look at the Hypixel Skyblock Archer Class Best Weapons & Best Armor. Quotes are not sourced from all markets and may be delayed up to 20 minutes. List of the Most Expensive Hypixel SkyBlock Items. With each kill, you will be rewarded with a soul. HYNASHOP CHEAP HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK COINS & ITEMS. Im leveling an archer and I'm currently VR4 and using Hundings Rage and Night Mothers until a hit V14. The Tank class primary focus is to tank damage from enemies and support other classes. 1 year ago [HYPIXEL SKYBLOCK] - TANK CLASS GUIDE - TIPS, GEAR AND OTHER HELPFUL INFO A true f7 sweat party is 5 Hyperion mages and maybe an archer sometimes for dps. I have tried archer with full sa and a juju shortbow. gg/m6JqRKYJoin this members club here:https://www. THE *UPDATED* ARCHER CLASS GUIDE!! (Hypixel Skyblock). God I keep adding so many keywords, this will be an entire bible soon. Exceptions can also be added, making these events highly configurable. As many dungeons players might know, archer is a very important class in dungeons. The arrows just bounce off the target because arrows make a mob invincible for 2 seconds, now it wouldn't be bad naturally, but it ruins the way abilities work. Each class has its own set of strengths and benefits (both passive and active) that allow it to fulfill its pre-determined role much better than any other class would be able to - Healer keeps players alive and supports them, Tank keeps the enemy's attention away from other group members and soaks damage, Archer is a ranged physical damage. Multiplier: Level 367 (x8) Level: 367. ️ 2623 🛡️ 714 💪 420 🌀 61% ☠️ 172% 🧚 228/238 Fairy Souls 🗡️ Heroic Hyperion ⍟⍟⍟⍟ ⛏️ Mining 60 🐏 Legendary Sheep (Lvl 100) 🤺 Slayer: 🧟 9 🕸️ 9 🐺 9 🔮 7 🔥 3 📚 Avg Skill Level: 54. Unlike Superboom TNT, Infinityboom TNT blows up instantly when placed. It changes the name of an item by adding a prefix to the item's name (displayed when selected in the hotbar and in its tooltip), such as "Adept", "Godly", or "Broken" (e. net/shop/swavySWAVY CLIPS CHANNEL: https://youtube. Archer would deal less and ability damage. My co-op is an archer and we don't know what gear we should use for archer class, would adaptive or . Unfortunately, I failed my Online Chem classes because I was farming sugarcane during them, and didn't know this resulted in Mustard Gas. Nghe nhạc remix, nhạc cover hay hất - NgheNhacHay. Healers are a very important class relying on regenerating their teammates so they can protect them. They have high attack damage but very low defenses and are considered a glass cannon class that must rely on kiting and keeping their distance until the right moment. The giants sword is also dead now. The Infinityboom TNT can be bought from Malik NPC for 50,000 Undead Essence. Would you recommend some? I'm a Sorc using Bow with Stamina based + crit. Each player/team spawns on its own island and the aim is to be the last player or team alive. Well, in Minecraft Dungeons you don't have to make that choice early on and commit to it. Miner Armor is a rare drop from Zombies and Skeletons in Diamond. This class depends heavily on Strength, Crit Chance, and Crit Damage, similar to the Berserk class. Parameter Class skills Archer (アーチャー, Āchā? ), Knight of the Bow and Heroic Spirit of the Bow (弓兵の英霊? ), is one of the Three Knight Classes among the seven standard Servant classes summoned for the Holy Grail War. A mod designed to help hypixel skyblock dungeons players find secrets and solve puzzles. Thank youuuuuu : ) Ok but seriously, why is it a big jump. The Sea Archer tries to run towards and. By entering your stats, including armor, weapons, and talisman abilities such as red claw artifact's +5 critical damage, and the number of talisman you have in the boxes below, this website will calculate the ideal setup for damage!. Doesn't show up when using anything that removes text. Archer is extremely outpowered by Angry archeologists , Because of their Super High defense Archer will barely deal any damage. It is a type of duel which involves 2 teams attempting to score goals on the opposite side by crossing a 1 block-wide bridge while attempting to protect their own goal. As a weapon created by Scarf, it automatically adapts to its user inside Dungeons. Tutorials/Archer Guide | Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki | Fandom best hypixel-skyblock. The Bridge is a mode for the Duels minigame. At the current meta, most M3 teams, and all M5. You can report bugs, Dungeon class: Archer Elapsed time: 6:06. Dungeon gear for all classes and floors! (Archer Update). 8 hours ago Classes are roles a player can have in dungeons, each with their own effects and bonuses. The official Hypixel Server account! Play the best Minecraft minigames for free, login to mc․hypixel․net. Archer is still a decent class, it's just not onetapping slayer bosses or I'm no longer a true Hypixel SkyBlock player anymore. The Archer class is a class within Dungeons that focuses heavily on bows or other non-mage ranged weapons. Best Hypixel Skyblock Weapons List. Best Reforges For Archer Hypixel Skyblock. They recently nerfed the strength stat, making a lot of dungeons classes a lot worse such as Berserker and Archer. Which class should I update next, . This does not mean that Archer cant beat AAs But its just harder compared to other MiniBosses Such as Frozen Adventurers and Lost Adventureres. There can be multiple of the same class in the same dungeon at once. The BEST Archer Setups for every Catacombs Level. It gives archers ranged healing with damage on top of it, so it can replace the ornate/florid zombie sword, and leave more space for bonemerangs . As archer is a high damage class, +10% damage in dungeons can be very â ¦ SkyBlock General Discussion About Us Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world, featuring. Best Weapon Hypixel Skyblock - Gamer Advocate best gameradvocate. Helmet: Mage Cowl is the preferred choice for the Helmet slot. The Healer may have to be able to flee as a result from this lack of damage and ending up being overwhelmed by mobs. Players can have up to 14 different Autopet configurations at once. This video summarised of what reforge to use for talismans or accesories, when playing archer class in Hypixel Skyblock Catacombs (Dungeon). The available classes are Tank, Berserk, Mage, Healer, and Archer. Archer is a Dungeon class that focuses on ranged damage through bows. It seems very opinion and preference based from what I've seen; some people say that AOD is the best if you have a legendary under dragon pet and superior armor, others say AOD with just legendary under dragon pet, others say emerald. Juju Shortbow | Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki | Fandom best hypixel-skyblock. Price Range on the AH (Coins) Dungeon Accessory. 86 Karma: 9,360,553 Achievement Points: 2,490 Quests Completed: 1 First login: 2013-04-09 00:28 EDT Friends: 63 SkyBlock Stats. Maxor's Armor - For extra Speed, one may swap out one piece of. I guess people should reply a reason why their class should be buffed with their vote. /skytils reload - Forces Skytils to refresh of data. The Sea Archer is an Uncommon Sea Creature that can be fished up from Water. If you have any questions about Dungeon sets and setups you can ask in the comments or in my dis. My entire family was killed in a matter of minutes, but I managed to escape while choking on the gas. Hypixel Skyblock Spreadsheet A spreadsheet with information about different weapons, armor, reforges and more. The only complaint archers have rn is that the most OP skill in the game is ExPensIve to use. Multiplier: Level 227 (x7) Level: 227. Any contributions or purchases made on this store goes to the Hypixel Development Team. Archer is a dungeon class that specializes in dealing extreme Damage through ranged . Wins Hypixel Says: 27; Wins Mini Walls: 20; Class Wins FKs FAs FDs FK/FD Kills Deaths K/D Archer - Endless Quiver III: Honed Bow III:. Servants placed within this Class excel in possessing powerful Noble Phantasms, are able to act as highly effective scouts, and are frequently Heroic Spirits from the Age of Gods when. Talisman Optimizer A program to help optimize your strength, crit damage, and crit chance given the talismans you have. I know i am not the best archer player but I just wanted to give a guide for people who wants to try Archer class! {Abilities } Rapid Fire : shoots 5 arrows in a second for 5 seconds ( These do not Crit ) Explosive Shot : Shoots 3 Arrows ( like runans ) and explodes on hit. Buffed passive mana regen of Archer from 25% to 50%. As archer is a high damage class, +10% damage in dungeons can be very â ¦ SkyBlock General Discussion About Us Starting out as a YouTube channel making Minecraft Adventure Maps, Hypixel is now one of the largest and highest quality Minecraft Server Networks in the world, featuring original games such as The â ¦ +5% Crit Chance from Unstable. Tutorials/Archer Guide | Hypixel SkyBlock Wiki | Fandom tip hypixel-skyblock. The Ultimate Archer Guide *With Progression* (Hypixel Skyblock). It shares the area-clearing ability of the Mage and the tank-slaying ability of the Berserker, but in return, is extremely fragile. If there is only one person who chose a role (for example T, B, M, H, A as layout), those people get. Also the most expensive class (I think). Each class has 9 milestones, and higher floors have higher requirements for milestones. Archer is a dungeon class that specializes in dealing extreme Damage through ranged attacks using bows. This guide This Guide is currently being reworked, Reworked version coming out soon. /skytils setkey - Sets your api key (will also grab it from /api new). Sea Archers can be occasionally caught while fishing in Water if the player has reached Fishing IX. This Video Discusses everything you need to know about the archer class ranging from gear to doing fast s+ runs. I have just changed from a spoon mage to a juju archer and it is a lot better however if u can afford hype then rcm would probably be a better option The official unofficial Hypixel Skyblock subreddit! [Not. For a more in-depth explanation read the guide below. The hypixel admins have completely removed sword swapping and killed the bonemerangs. Ava Flores • Saturday, 05 December, 2020 • 8 min read. Crypt undead hypixel deaths; Crypt undead jamiethegeek deaths; Crypt undead jayavarmen deaths; Crypt undead judg3 deaths; Crypt undead ladybleu deaths; Crypt undead likaos deaths; Crypt undead luckykessie deaths; Crypt undead magicboys deaths; Crypt undead marius deaths; Crypt undead minikloon deaths; Crypt undead mistresseldrid deaths; Crypt. Basically with the archer class in general, it has either been one of the best classes, or the worst, for one reason: instant shooting . (With Armor 2) With Spirit Sceptre: $83 With Yeti sword: $93 With Midas Staff : $168. Our take on the Skywars game-mode - featuring the Angel of Death. GUIDE best talisman reforge for Archer. The teams of people must be at least 4-5 people for all floors. ️ 213 🛡️ 85 💪 16 🌀 38% ☠️ 50% 🧚 13/209 Fairy Souls ⛏️ Mining 26 🌾 Farming 16 ⚒ Avg Skill Level: 13. And more to come! /skytils - Opens the main GUI. 2 💪 Senither Weight: 24,421 💪 Lily Weight: 17,793 🏦 Bank: 6. (With Armor 3) With Spirit Sceptre: $150 With Yeti sword: $160 With Midas Staff : $230. 2 💪 Senither Weight: 24,420 💪 Lily Weight: 17,793 🏦 Bank: 5. View player, guild, etc stats for the Hypixel Network. July 30th, 2020 Minor Patch: Fixed a bug that would have Archer melee debuff to all kind of damage. Archers are typically high-dps glass cannons, . But get fot for other classes, outside of dungs, or just clearing. The objective for the 2 team modes is to score 5 goals against the other team, while the objective for the 4 team modes is to eliminate the lives of the other teams. You can use souls to unlock many kits and perks to improve your game experience. Set Bonus: Regeneration - Regenerates 5% of your max Health every second if you have been out of combat for the last 8 seconds. Hello! [WARNING] - This guide is outdated I updated the Archer class after version 1 of this tutorial. Welcome to Gumble Guides! This is a talisman optimizer for hypixel skyblock. The Infinityboom TNT can be used to blow up walls and tombs in the Catacombs and walls in the Crystal Hollows, as well as walls on a few other islands with a 2 second cooldown. Good Archer Build Hypixel Skyblock Recipes. Scarf archer deaths; Scarf mage deaths; Scarf warrior deaths; Scary jerry deaths; Sea archer deaths; Sea guardian deaths; Sea leech deaths; Sea walker deaths; Sea witch deaths; Shadow assassin deaths; Sheep deaths; Shrine charged creeper deaths; Shrine skeleton horseman deaths; Siamese lynx deaths; Silverfish deaths; Silvo deaths; Skeleton. gg/m6JqRKYJoin this members club . Also comes with lots of QOL Features License. Hypixel Skyblock Classes Guide. You can report bugs, Dungeon class: Archer Elapsed time: 28:14. It adds a multitude of mechanics known from roleplaying games and plays in an online environment where players can freely interact and compete with each other (there are various challenges in which players can compete. Damage Calculator (Hypixel Skyblock). But why Crit Damage for bows? I feel like strength would make more sense right. Hypixel SkyBlock - An interesting twist on the original "Skyblock" game mode, created by the Hypixel network. please fix negative strength because of the Soul Eater enchant, and buff archer. But, healers do need to be able to deal Damage. Grants additional bonuses based on your selected dungeon class. This Archer Class Tip is now OVERPOWERED! Hypixel Skyblock. The Catacombs Dungeon classes are Healer, Mage, Berserk, Archer, and Tank. Hypixel Skyblock's dungeons have 5 classes, and in this video we will go over the things you need for the five classes. Berserkers (playing an archer role) should go around clearing the dungeon. This Epic Dungeon Accessory can be obtained from Catacombs and requires 24 Wither Crystals to craft.